Washing Methods and Safety

Hand Washing (Preferred Method) 

• Washing Regularly and/or whenever the car seems dirty.

• Rinse before washing and use wet non abrasive detergent.

• Use silicone squeegee and microfiber cloth to remove remaining water after washing.

• Harsh contaminants must be washed off immediately. (bug splatter, bird droppings, tree sap, fuel).


Pressure Washing:

• Keep Water Temperature below 80°C (180 °F).

• Keep nozzle 30cm away and never at a 90 degree angle.

• Use a spray nozzle with a 40 degree wide angle spray pattern.

• Do not use water pressure above 2000 psi (14MPa)


Automated Carwash:

• Touch less carwashes.

• Avoid abrasive detergent.

• Choose 'careful' washing method.