What Size to Buy?

Each Vehicle will obviously require different amounts of vinyl wrap depending on what vehicle you may have and how big or small your vehicle may be. when you begin you wrap your vehicle you will want to have more than the exact surface area of your car to allow for smooth clean edges and any mistakes you might make. 


Below are examples of how you can roughly calculate how much vinyl wrap you may need and this method can be applied to any vehicle. The examples are for the Subaru BRZ / Toyota 86, You will be wrapping each panel individually and require the sheet to fit that whole panel with heaps of over hang to assure you have clean edges. 


Vinyl Wrap Size Measuring Chart

Measure length ways along the vehicle in accordance to the example above to get the sizes before adding them together, make sure you measure enough for the whole boot as the wrap will fold down the whole boot. Once you have the total, add 1 or 2 extra meters to allow for edges and mistakes.