Restoring Vinyl Wrap

Matte or Satin Finish

Isopropyl alcohol and water (2:1 ratio)


Smooth Gloss Finish

3M™ Perfect-it™ Show Car Paste Wax 39526


Carbon Fibre or Brushed Metal Finish

3M™ Tire Restorer or Meguiar’s Natural Shine Protectant


Carbon Fibre Black (1080-CF12)

Meguiar’s Ultimate Black Plastic Restorer


Matte White (1080-M10) / Carbon Fibre White (1080-CF10)

Try solutions in order till contaminate / build up is gone.

1. Hot, soapy water solution 2. Isopropyl alcohol (IPA) and water (ratio 2:1) 3. Simple Green® All-Purpose Cleaner 4. Household chlorine bleach; followed by IPA/water (#2) 5. Mineral spirits; followed by IPA/water (#2)